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Poha (rice Flakes, Avlaki ,Aval)

POHA ( Rice Flakes, Avalaki, Anal) . The paddy should be first soaked in water before it is roasted. Immediately thereafter should be crushed by using crushers.
TAMARIND SEED STARCH Once the tamarind seeds are roasted the skin has to be removed from the seeds using decorticators and separators. The separated ,eeds are then broken into small pieces using u grinder. These broken pieces are them fed into a pulveriser which converts the same into tamarind starch This starch is an import°nn ingredient in the Textile Paper, Agarbathi, Jute and Plywood Industries where it is used as a base for adhesives.

Fried Gram (Channa Dal)

FRIED GRAM (Channa Dal) In the manufacture of fried gram the raw gram is Scarred and sieved into different grades. The graded gram is roasted at about 120° C. Once the gram comes out of the Roaster it is split by means of a roller and plate. Installations by our company will include the necessary equipment for separating the husk, the friedgram, the whole dal and the broken gram.

Energy Food (weaning food, Sattu mavu)

ENERGY FOOD Meaning food, Sattu maw) eaning food, also known as Seth, powder is used as therapeutic energy food which consists proteins and vitamins. For manufacturing weaning food, wheat, maize and gram is roasted. Next irioted  into a pulveriser to convert it into powder

Puffed Rice (Murmura, Pori)

PUFFED RICE (Murmurs, Pori) s Also known as Pori, murmur° is manufactured by roasting paddy to remove the moisture content. At the next stage iris immediately soaked in ' water and loter hulled to obtain puffed rice.

Peanut, Peas ,Gulabi channa and soya beans

PEANUT, PEAS, GULABI CHANNA AND SOYA BEANS By the method of uniform roasting, peanut, peas, gulabi chana and soya can also be roasted to obtain a good quality of roasted product.

Shri .r .shunmugam pillai The company was established by Mr. R. Shunmugam, after years of extensive research and hard work. He incepted the firm with exact specifications for a Commercial Roasting Equipment. He developed machines perfect for continuous processing on a commercial scale and ensured that his every single product offers the highest quality output with the least production cost and the lowest process time. He patented his newly invented technological masterpiece. His designs and efforts have been appreciated in the global market lead him to achieve a reputed name in the domain of Roasters. We are reckoned in the market as a reliable Industrial Roaster Manufacturer and Commercial Roasting Equipment Supplier.

Today, the company is executing the development tasks with the aid of a pilot plant at the Central Food And Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), Mysore. Andhra Pradesh Foods ( A Govt. of Andhra Pradesh Enterprise) has been using the Shunmugam automatic roaster at Hyderabad to manufacture a variety of weaning food (Energy Food) for school children in the state. The Karnataka State Agra Corn Corporation has installed our Automatic Roasters at various places under the UNICEF scheme to design quality energy food. Ina addition to this, a number of business enterprises in Tamil Nadu has employed the Shunmugam Automatic Roasters for weaning and manufacturing energy food. To meet the diverse needs of the clients, we have been manufacturing our gamut in stainless steel (Grade 304) for export orders to Kenya.

Our collection of machines is generally used to parch as well as roast grains, cereals and nuts. Ina addition to this, they find applications in removing the moisture content of the grains as well. Moreover, they are also highly beneficial for preparing the grains for further use like for manufacturing other end product that include crushers, and energy food respectively.