Gram Splitting Roller Seamless

Gram Splitting Roller Seamless is a heavy duty machine equipment which is used for the de-husking of the grains and to split the nuts into different sizes. Highly efficient splitting of pulses can be achieved particularly in cases of certain pulses such as Red, black and green gram. The scratching of the pulses is done in a roller machine. And a blower is used for aspiration of husk and powder from the products. Gram Splitting Roller is suitable for the processing of all types of pulses and do not alter the nutritional value of the food product. It is operated with an electric motor which makes it very easier to operate this machine unit.

Gram Splitting Roller Seamless is available in durable stainless steel body to withstand adverse environmental conditions. It is designed in single phase with high-end production capacity up to 70 Kg/ hr. As per the demands of the clients, it can be provided in manual, semi-automatic and automatic functions to provide the best output with minimum maintenance.   



60-70 Kg./Hour


Stainless Steel


220 V


Single Phase

Machine Type