Blower Box

Blower Box is an essential equipment which is installed in the roaster machine assembly to ensure the complete removal of the burnt gases that are released during the combustion process which is required to achieve roasting process. It is a long uniform pipe with a square shaped cross section with an open top to discharge the gases into the open air. The material used for the manufacturing of Blower Box is treated with various heat treatment processes to increase their hardenability and capability to withstand higher temperatures. It is equipped with an aerodynamically designed fan to draw a large amount of air to expel it into the atmosphere. 

This is available in green color with anti-abrasive coating to resist the effects of abrasion and weather. In addition to this, it can also withstand the effects of chemicals, acids and saline water that enhance its efficacy. We are well-equipped with advanced technologies to design this blower box in different specifications and dimensions as per the demands of the clients.